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Abdullah Etemi

Student Services Officer at the Faculty of Economics (Master)

029 232-140

  • Performs all procedures for the admission of new students from the receipt of applications until the completion of student registration procedures.
  • Maintains and updates student data in the university management system in accordance with its duties and authorizations.
  • Registers semesters, registers courses, confirms student payment slips in the system and other similar actions.
  • Issues certificates for students, transcripts of grades and signs these and other documents related to student status.
  • Completes and closes student files and processes the subject further for the preparation of the diploma.
  • Takes care of the implementation of the provisions in force related to student service and performs work duties in accordance with its competencies and authorizations.
  • Takes care of and maintains the file of students registered in accordance with applicable law.
  • Performs duties related to student service at the request of the immediate superior or operational superior.