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Faculty of Economics (FE) operates within the University “Ukshin Hoti” Prizren, which was founded in 2010. It is a public institution consolidated as an academic unit within the University.

The initial idea for the establishment of FE was born as an immediate market demand for specialists in the field of business administration, business management and company finance. So, this faculty is built on the foundations of a macro environment with rich business, craft, scientific, cultural and historical heritage of the region.

The headquarter of the Faculty of Economics is located in the city of Prizren. This city is officially recognized as the historic capital of the Republic of Kosovo. It is also known as the headquarters of the Albanian League of Prizren and a cradle of history, culture, art and science.

The community in which the Faculty of Economics operates is known for its tradition in business. Historically, this community has contributed to the overall economic development of the region, nation and beyond. On the other hand, the FE contributes to the business community by preparing staff for the internationalization of regional and local companies through its study programs. Furthermore, the FE contributes to the business community by educating skilled and competent students, that are able to apply theoretical knowledge in the labor market. FE contribution to the community lies in the close connection with the finance, accounting, data analysis, marketing, management and other aspects of enterprises.

In FE currently are enrolled 1,272 students and for them this Faculty provides studies at the bachelor and master level. The development of these programs is closely related to the labor market demand, particularly in the region of Prizren. At the same time, within the medium term, the FE plans to open a doctoral study program.

The study programs at the bachelor level are:

  • Business Administration (2010-ongoing) and
  • International Management (2010- ongoing).

The study programs at the master level are:

  • Business Administration (2014-ongoing),