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Quality Assurance Committee at faculty level

Consisting of:

  • Prof. Asoc. Dr. Halil Kukaj – Coordinator;
  • Prof. Asoc. Dr. Nerimane Bajraktari – Member;
  • Msc. Dafina Abdullahu – Member;
  • Msc. Naser Buzhala – Member;
  • Std. Arbenita Hoti – Member;



1. The Quality Assurance Committee at the faculty level consists of:

1.1. 1.1. Quality Assurance Coordinator at the faculty level (an academic staff who is good in English);

1.2. 1.2. A professor;

1.3. 1.3. An assistant;

1.4. 1.4. Secretary of the Faculty; and

1.5. 1.5. A student with average grade over nine and who is good in English.

2. The Quality Assurance Committee at the faculty level proposes and approves the faculty council;

3. The duties and responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Committee at the faculty level are:

3.1. 3.1. Monitoring of the learning process and reporting on the process of improving the process;

3.2. 3.2. Organization for the evaluation process of academic staff, administrative services, study programs etc. is carried out using questionnaires and evaluation instruments;

3.3. 3.3. Drafting the Action Plan for the implementation of quality standards at the faculty level and study programs;

3.4. 3.4. Drafts action plans for implementing KAA recommendations at faculty level;

3.5. 3.5. Analyzes curricula and courses, draft reports and takes care of the implementation of the recommendations;

3.6. 3.6. Analyzes possibility through courses and proposes taking measures;

3.7. 3.7. Monitors, collects and reports on data, on the degree of abandonment of the University,

3.8. 3.8. Reviews and proposes measures to reduce the degree of abandonment of students from studies;

3.9. 3.9. Monitors the degree of satisfaction of students with study programs;

3.10. 3.10. Monitors teaching resources and, support for students;

3.11. 3.11. Monitors and evaluates career development programs for graduates;

3.12. 3.12. Analyzes the content of the research plan for scientific work;

3.13. 3.13. Monitors and analyzes the efficiency of student evaluation procedures;

3.14. 3.14. Monitors and analyzes teaching infrastructure and support services;

3.15. 3.15. Monitors the implementation of program for excellence in teaching;

3.16. 3.16. Monitors the implementation Plan on Updating the Student Services;

3.17. 3.17. It is obliged to convey all reports, analyzes, and recommendations to the Quality Assurance Central Committee;

3.18. 3.18. Holds at least ten meetings a year, or more as needed;

3.19. 3.19. On January 30 and June 30 of each calendar year submits the work report to the Faculty Council, and in the Quality Assurance Central Committee. This report should include evaluation reports for each category based on the respective evaluation instruments.