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Prof. ass. Dr. Anera Musliu

Deputy Dean

Faculty of Economics is one of the six academic units of the University “Ukshin Hoti” Prizren, which began its work in 2010, in the same year when the University “Ukshin Hoti” Prizren was founded.

Faculty of Economics offers study programs at bachelor and master level. In bachelor studies offers the programs: Business Administration and International Management, while in master studies offers study program Business Administration and program Accounting and Auditing. Our faculty is making preparations to offer another master’s degree program, as well as to initiate a doctoral (PhD.) study program.

Our motto is to create knowledgeable and courageous experts to face the challenges and competition in the local and international labor market. For such purpose, our faculty employs eminent local and international professors and business practice experts.

Study programs offered by the Faculty of Economics have been developed in collaboration with experts from several prestigious international universities as well as taking into account demand of the local and international labor market. For such purpose, Faculty of Economics has founded an Industrial Advisory Board, consisting of managers of successful businesses in the region and beyond, from whom we obtain information on labor market demand and afterwards we adapt to our study programs.

Our faculty has signed cooperation agreements with several successful businesses that enable our students to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

Faculty of Economics also pays attention to international cooperation, for this purpose we have signed cooperation agreements with several institutions offering compatible study programs, which enable mutual mobility of the academic staff and students.

Faculty of Economics also pays great importance to scientific-research work, for this purpose we have established the Institute for Scientific Research, which includes academic staff together with students in various national and international research projects.

Our faculty is committed to make a contribution to the community by providing expertise to both the business community and public institutions.

In addition to educational and research activities, our students can demonstrate and develop their skills in sports and arts by participating in various social projects.

Position: Asssitant Professor, Dean
Engagement: Full-Time Professor
Title:Prof. Ass. Dr. Anera Musliu


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